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Nancy Young, Ed.D.

Dr. Nancy Young is a Canadian educational consultant providing professional development in reading and writing instruction for an international audience.

Nancy’s literacy focus is effective differentiation of instruction to meet the needs of a wide range of learners, including students who have dyslexia, students who have ADHD, and students who are advanced in reading (AIR). Nancy’s expertise encompasses the educational needs of students who are gifted (intellectual ability), including students who are gifted with a co-occurring exceptionality.

Nancy’s formal education includes Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education (Elementary Education), Master of Education (Special Education), and Doctor of Education (Cognitive Diversity).

A passionate and long-time advocate for improving instruction for all children, Nancy has taught a wide range of learning needs and ages in schools and community organizations as well as in her independent teaching practice. Nancy is a certified teacher and a member of the International Dyslexia Association, Scientific Studies of Reading, the National Association for Gifted Children, the World Council for Gifted & Talented Children, and the Gifted Children’s Association of British Columbia. Nancy is a member of two teams within the newly established Evidence Advocacy Center.



Nancy is the creator of The Ladder of Reading & Writing, a translational framework visually representing the ease at which children learn to read and write and the instructional implications of that ease. Summarizing the varied and numerous factors that must be considered to effectively serve the wide range of needs, Nancy’s The Ladder of Reading & Writing makes clear that instruction must be differentiated in both what (content) and how (methods); systematic design of programming to effectively support beginning readers, or address specific learning challenges, will differ from program design for students with advanced skills.

​Nancy is the co-editor (with Dr. Jan Hasbrouck) of the new book Climbing THE LADDER OF READING & WRITING: Meeting the Needs of ALL Learners (published January, 2024). Looking at literacy through the lens of Nancy’s infographic, this book includes twenty short chapters authored by experts in the field who provide valuable information relating to the wide range of ease in mastering literacy skills and the instructional implications.

Currently based in British Columbia, Nancy provides in-person and online professional development sessions for organizations and schools. Customized consultation for educators and families can be arranged.

(Usage guidelines for Nancy’s translational framework can be found in The Ladder of Reading & Writing page of this website.)

Endorsements For Nancy Young

“Nancy Young’s session, Advanced Readers – Are They Being Served, shed light on a gap within the science of reading literature. As literacy specialists, teachers, and parents, we are, thankfully, bombarded with information to serve our struggling readers; however, this narrow focus has pushed aside another population of students, our precocious readers. It is important for us to recognize and serve those students who master decoding early in order to promote their growth and accelerate their academic success. Nancy’s session didn’t only push for equity among all degrees of readers. She also emphasized the need to recognize our advanced readers from all sub-populations of students by bridging the research between reading and giftedness to serve the culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse.”

Educator & Parent (NOLA Attendee 2023)

“I first heard Nancy speak during an online webinar and was impressed with her ability to make sense of the literacy challenges our kids and schools are facing today. As a parent of a child with dyslexia, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to sort out what is going on and what to say to schools, to our child and to ourselves. Nancy was enthusiastic when I reached out to her. She provided me with some very clear and concrete ways to understand the science of reading and what a struggling reader needs to learn to read. She also offered some great tips on how to advocate for my child at school. Nancy has a real passion to get her message out and help parents and educators. Thank you on behalf of my child
and all struggling readers.”

Peggy (parent of a dyslexic child)

“One of the things that has been so valuable in getting to know Nancy’s work, is her dedication to ensuring that all really does mean all. She is the kind voice in my head that reminds me that all children need to be served whether that be through enrichment, targeted intervention, or somewhere in between. Nancy and Jan’s book is the written expression of that reminder so that educators everywhere can receive the nudge and call to address the needs of all children. Nancy and Jan should be proud of how their insight and leadership through this book will impact educators and children.”

Terrie Noland, Ph.D., CALP
Texas USA

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